Description: 30″x40″ oil & acrylic on canvas.

“The Milky Way’s Savants” celebrates the manifestation of high culture on earth, how it reaches us through the birth of enlightened souls, as well as the abundance their presence brings to our lives collectively.

This painting thus captures the descent of evolved spiritual culture, that is commanded by The Divine One and coveted for eons by unloving, disconnected forces who to this day design schemes to take ownership of this high culture with its materialized vestiges. This phenomenon is observed in Timbuktu, Mali to this day where tangible expressions of this high culture, crystallized by African savants, continue to be looted even after centuries.

“The Milky Way’s Savants” addresses this ultimate reality: true richness that results from spiritual intelligence is under divine command only thus beyond material grasp, therefore it descends on earth as the Divine One wills, beyond the comprehension of those who covet it. Because high culture is a form of natural resource, embedded in the very fiber of our being, societies who receive the varied shades of this genius will always be coveted, attacked and invaded as long as they’re not prepared to defend themselves against it.

The creative evolution of this painting was particularly intense, working on it I’ve learned a lot about the expansion of Love. The Sufi poem that offered this painting is below in French and English.

~ Les Savants de la Voie Lactée ~

La voila la prosternation de l’esprit éclairé,
manifeste et majestueux; siècle après siècle,
présent sous les mêmes cieux,
de la Nubie jusqu’à Tombouctou.
O qu’ils luisent ces empires fondés
sur le socle de Rouh (as)
de mondes en mondes, nous sommes
ces lanternes en forme humaine,
depuis Atlantis jusqu’à Kemet,
les mains dans la main de Tehuti (as)
nous traversâmes les frontières
afin de répandre notre Savoir
convoité par les envahisseurs.
Ce patrimoine de l’Afrique porté
par les Savants de la Voie Lactée
se révèle à travers l’âme de l’opprimé,
héritier légitime des pharaons pieux d’Egypte,
O enfants Noirs, ravivez vos mémoires
et scintillez de toute la gloire
instillée en vos glandes pinéales!

© 2012 Aïda Touré

~ The Milky Way’s Savants ~

There is the prostration of the enlightened spirit,
manifest and majestic, century after century;
present under the same heavens
from Nubia to Timbuktu.
How luminescent these empires
founded upon Ruh (as)
from worlds to worlds,
we are these lanterns in human form
from Atlantis to Kemet,
our hands in the hand of Tehuti (as)
we crossed the borders to spread
our Knowledge coveted by invaders.
This African heritage borne by
the Milky Way’s Savants
is revealed through the soul of the oppressed,
legit heir of the pious pharaohs of ancient Egypt,
O Black children, revive your memory
and shine with all the glory
instilled in your pineal glands!

© 2012 Aïda Touré