Sacred Lotus

Sacred Lotus © 2022 Aida Toure

Description: “Woman is not of this world, she’s the soul that channels cosmic grace to the material world. She’s a sacred portal to the Divine.” ~Aïda Touré

“Woman is a ray of God. She is not that earthly beloved: she is creative, not created.”

This 28″x22″ painting captures the spirituality imprinted in women as the embodiment of the subtlest cosmic energies which are sublimated through her. As such, women are the sacred corridor through which mankind journeys to attain the Divine. Working on this painting was an extremely lively experience where every phase of the piece was clear & revelatory.
~ Sacred Lotus ~

Behind the veil of the seen,
there you are,
majestic and transcendent
like the eventide
that wears your scent~
O light of the Light,
beyond this embracing obscurity,
how beautiful you are!
For your sake,
sages stay up all night
to not miss the secret Music
of your quarks;
they wait, looking in
a thousand directions,
longing to get a glimpse
of your lotus gaze~

© 2022 Aida Toure