Beauty and Majesty

Beauty and Majesty © 2021 Aida Toure

“All glory belongs to the One Who has created pairs out of what grow from the earth, out of their soul and out of that which they do not know.” ~Qur’an 36:36
“And We created you in pairs” ~Qur’an 78:08

Description: “Beauty and Majesty” is a 22″x28″ acrylic painting. It’s a celebration of the Yin and Yang principles that are inherent to all life. These principles are present in the union of woman and man. When harmony is present between them, they reflect the complementarity we need to experience in order to better know our own soul. This state of wholeness is reached when awoke to the higher purpose of Love which is to draw closer to the Divine and to elevate until we shed our form in return to the Source.

~ Beauty & Majesty ~

She is the yin of his yang,
and the yang of his yin,
They form a whole
in which the feminine
& masculine principles merge
for the reality of divine Unity
to be contemplated.
Together their individual identity
dissipate, no longer defining
who is who,
they are one another’s mirror.
She no longer is she,
he no longer is he:
they are “We” in
beauty and majesty.

© 2021 Aïda Touré

Beaute et Majeste

Elle est le Yin de son Yang,
et le Yang de son Yin
Ils forment un tout
en lequel les principes masculins
et feminins se fondent pour
contempler la realite du principe
d’unicite divine~
Ensemble leurs identites
individuelles se dissolvent,
ne sachant plus qui est qui,
ils sont un miroir
l’un pour l’autre~
Elle n’est plus “elle”, il n’est plus “il”
Ils sont sont “nous” en
beaute et majeste.

© 2021 Aïda Touré