“Mount Qaf’s Breeze” 36″x24″ oil & acrylic on canvas © 2022 Aïda Touré

“When I have fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him of My spirit, fall ye down in obeisance unto him.” ~38:72 Qur’an

Description: “Mount Qaf’s Breeze” is a 36″x24″ oil & acrylic on canvas painting that celebrates the Holy Spirit that we get to consciously experience through our breath by the Divine One’s Mercy. This energy innately pervades every fiber of our being, through meditation, we become aware of its blissful & loving presence which brings deep calm to the soul, the body and the mind. “Mount Qaf’s Breeze” evokes the journey back to our Most Sublime Source while alive.”

~ Mount Qaf’s Breeze ~

Now that you lifted the veil
I feel your presence
wherever I turn…
within, without;
it does not matter!
My pulse scatters
at the sound of wind chimes
you triggered in my fingertips,
all my atoms dance,
as my palms expand
and lo! I become a galaxy
whose stars burst out in laughter
in the bliss of your presence~
Through every breath now
occurs a night of power,
how gloriously your descent
unfolds in our spiritual centers!
O Simurgh, by your holy kindness,
lead us to the Divine One’s Pleasure~

© 2022 Aïda Touré

Beauty and Majesty © 2021 Aida Toure

“All glory belongs to the One Who has created pairs out of what grow from the earth, out of their soul and out of that which they do not know.” ~Qur’an 36:36
“And We created you in pairs” ~Qur’an 78:08

Description: “Beauty and Majesty” is a 22″x28″ acrylic painting. It’s a celebration of the Yin and Yang principles that are inherent to all life. These principles are present in the union of woman and man. When harmony is present between them, they reflect the complementarity we need to experience in order to better know our own soul. This state of wholeness is reached when awoke to the higher purpose of Love which is to draw closer to the Divine and to elevate until we shed our form in return to the Source.

~ Beauty & Majesty ~

She is the yin of his yang,
and the yang of his yin,
They form a whole
in which the feminine
& masculine principles merge
for the reality of divine Unity
to be contemplated.
Together their individual identity
dissipate, no longer defining
who is who,
they are one another’s mirror.
She no longer is she,
he no longer is he:
they are “We” in
beauty and majesty.

© 2021 Aïda Touré

Beaute et Majeste

Elle est le Yin de son Yang,
et le Yang de son Yin
Ils forment un tout
en lequel les principes masculins
et feminins se fondent pour
contempler la realite du principe
d’unicite divine~
Ensemble leurs identites
individuelles se dissolvent,
ne sachant plus qui est qui,
ils sont un miroir
l’un pour l’autre~
Elle n’est plus “elle”, il n’est plus “il”
Ils sont sont “nous” en
beaute et majeste.

© 2021 Aïda Touré

Cryptographical Being © 2020 Aida Toure
“We will show them Our signs in the universe and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that this is the truth.” 41: 53 ~Qur’an
“He who knows oneself knows one’s Lord.” ~Rasulullah (saw)
“So seek the meaning of everything within yourself.” ~Ibn Arabi (ra)

Description: This 24″x18″ mixed media painting just flowed, I discovered it as it evolved. “Cryptographical Being” depicts the reality that we embody sacred codes that constitute our spiritual and physical being. Our DNA is a vehicle for these primordial secret codes that are transmitted since our divine origin for us to “read” them and transcribe them externally to benefit our collective evolutive journey. These codes are the roots of the ancient glorious civilizations our African ancestors founded. One of the purposes of embodiment is to awaken to these innate codes & messages that the Divine insufflated in our very being to enrich the world with Knowledge, Wisdom & Harmony. The process of these codes’ physical unfolding starts from our conception. We fully awaken to them through the cultivation of Love as energy, observance of prayer & meditation & uncovering of our innate spiritual system. If we connected deep to our Source & deciphered these codes, the global exploitative system would be replaced with a more harmonious one based on Peace, Justice, Wisdom & Love. This higher system would uphold the sacredness of these codes of universality and abundance for mankind.

~ Cryptographical Being ~
Signs instilled pre-cosmically,
celestial identity
glowing in dark matter
coded energy,
you are a light
bringing love & wisdom
to our delight, al hamdulillah,
secret upon secret
conveyed through the DNA
and then the breath
say la ilaha illa Allah,
meditate like an unborn child,
uncover your inner gems,
know yourself through
your own original knowledge,
it’s through you that
the spheres descend,
every center embraces them,
you bear the keys
to your Light-Being~
© 2021 Aida Toure


Merveille © 2020 Aida Toure

“Die before you die” ~Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

“Merveille” is part of the series “Exalted”. This painting depicts the embrace of pure peace, warmth and abundance that submerses the soul… We can become aware of it through ego dissolution, love and meditation.

~ Merveille (Marvel) ~

Oscillating in and out of myself,
I end up awakening
to your shimmering presence~
Jewels just drop off of you,
wo! I lose the sense of definition
between your hands and mine~
Merveille! Merveille! Merveille!
I wonder why I ever thought
you were so far whereas
you’re closer to me than “I”…

© 2020 Aïda Touré

The Rubies of Sensitivity 24×18 mixed media on canvas © 2020 Aïda Touré

“The Rubies of Sensitivity” is part of my new series of paintings “E x a l t é” (E x a l t e d) that was inspired by my journey through the deepest form of Surrender I ever experienced. The series visually relates the Love that carried me through it.  Each painting was prompted by the immersion in the awareness that there only is Unity~

This painting “The Rubies of Sensitivity” celebrates the power of Sensitivity which is an opening to the Divine as it allows humble ones to feel vast dimensions of reality and to bring back various gems from it. Sensitivity is to be embraced as it is a corridor to the spiritual realms our souls know.

~ The Rubies of Sensitivity ~

O you, sensitive soul,
freer than oceans,
you wear the ultimate crown~
You embodied to adorn the world
with the Rubies of Sensitivity.
Veils lift and beauties appear!
Behind your gaze hide sages;
through you, they return.
Let us marvel at these comings
and goings between love and invisibility,
the poetry of your features;
your pilgrim eyes, how artful!
Everything is calligraphy on your face.
Without respite, your eyelashes trace
the Sun’s secret alphabet.
You are a universe mirroring itself,
our reminder to soften,
you are the tears we’re scared to shed,
you are the spheres’ Music we can’t hear yet!

© 2020 Aïda Touré


Omnipresence 24″x18″ © 2020 Aida Toure

“Wherever you turn, you are always in the presence of God.” ~2:115 Qur’an

Description: “Omnipresence” is part of the series “E x a l t e d”. This painting is about the solace that can surge during difficulties when we remember that the Divine Presence surrounds us, unconditionally~

~ Omnipresence ~

With every breath,
fashion me as you will!
Your command is Music:
Come to me!” you whisper
and I fall from my curves,
laying there between the spheres
as light deploys its circular wings,
the sun and the moon appear
simultaneously to bear witness
that Unity is all there is~
We all are taken care of
in ways we cannot fathom.
Soul full of bliss,
I revolve around you…

© 2020 Aïda Touré