Cryptographical Being

Cryptographical Being © 2020 Aida Toure
“We will show them Our signs in the universe and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that this is the truth.” 41: 53 ~Qur’an
“He who knows oneself knows one’s Lord.” ~Rasulullah (saw)
“So seek the meaning of everything within yourself.” ~Ibn Arabi (ra)

Description: This 24″x18″ mixed media painting just flowed, I discovered it as it evolved. “Cryptographical Being” depicts the reality that we embody sacred codes that constitute our spiritual and physical being. Our DNA is a vehicle for these primordial secret codes that are transmitted since our divine origin for us to “read” them and transcribe them externally to benefit our collective evolutive journey. These codes are the roots of the ancient glorious civilizations our African ancestors founded. One of the purposes of embodiment is to awaken to these innate codes & messages that the Divine insufflated in our very being to enrich the world with Knowledge, Wisdom & Harmony. The process of these codes’ physical unfolding starts from our conception. We fully awaken to them through the cultivation of Love as energy, observance of prayer & meditation & uncovering of our innate spiritual system. If we connected deep to our Source & deciphered these codes, the global exploitative system would be replaced with a more harmonious one based on Peace, Justice, Wisdom & Love. This higher system would uphold the sacredness of these codes of universality and abundance for mankind.

~ Cryptographical Being ~
Signs instilled pre-cosmically,
celestial identity
glowing in dark matter
coded energy,
you are a light
bringing love & wisdom
to our delight, al hamdulillah,
secret upon secret
conveyed through the DNA
and then the breath
say la ilaha illa Allah,
meditate like an unborn child,
uncover your inner gems,
know yourself through
your own original knowledge,
it’s through you that
the spheres descend,
every center embraces them,
you bear the keys
to your Light-Being~
© 2021 Aida Toure