Kawthar: Princess of Mali

“Women are not created weaker but more generous than men. They are created more beautiful and less fierce, as beauty hates to hurt and harm others. That is why they seem weak to people, but in reality they are not. Angels are the strongest of created beings, and women are closer to the angelic nature than men, as they are readier than men to carry angelic light. It is the good manners and ethics of spirituality which they carry which makes them less forceful than men.” ~Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Description: “Kawthar: Princess of Mali” is a 22″x28″ oil and acrylic painting that I worked on for several months. “Kawthar” is the 8th painting of the Luminous Dark Matter” series. The Arabic word Kawthar means “Abundance”. The painting’s theme celebrates the Songhai empire of Mali whose level of spiritual realization is a constant source of inspiration for me. “Kawthar: Princess of Mali” simply evokes the embodiment of the high spiritual culture that can manifest on Earth when mankind aligns with its innate divine consciousness. The poem below inspired the painting.

~Kawthar: Princess of Mali~

O Fountain of Immanence,
a gem from the Throne itself,
laid on the two hemispheres
of the Seen and the Unseen,
mystery dancing upon the Waters
of Wisdom from ancient Arabia to Mali,
you are the decoded undulation
the first light laid in Fatima’s hands
before he took his last breath.
O Kawthar, the Sun’s calligraphy
tells of you still, you catalyze
the signs Idris engraved
upon the Heart of Kemet~
From infinity to manifestation,
you are the most guarded secret
enveloped in nighttime’s veil.
O you Kawthar, the very locus
of the Knowledge usurpers coveted,
you ascend through prostration
in service to the Divine Beloved~

© 2016 Aïda Touré