Emerald Verses

Description: “Emerald Verses” was inspired from this poem. Working on it felt like an unending calligraphic promenade that relates of our collective journeying from and toward The Creator of the Worlds.

Love is the fragrance that invites mankind to The Divine One’s apostles (as), their Revelations awaken us to the Way all human souls innately know.

~ Emerald Verses ~

Illuminated is the Heart
that chants the glories

of The Sublime’s throne.
Blessed be the soul

who embraces Injil
through the Holy Qur’an

like earth embraces truths
through the galaxies’ currents.

The Word commands “read!”
Lo! The inner eye opens:

Djibril (as) on his emerald seat,
Jesus (as) walking upon the sea,

Noah (as) gathers the light of humanity
and prophet Muhammad (saw)

crowns the collective being
with the altitudes of humility.

You see, Love is this gentleness
that governs the Muslim Universe,

while the moon transcribes to us:
“… unto Him is the journeying!”

© 2007 Aida Toure