On the Edge of Union

“And of everything We have created pairs”
~51:49 Quran

Description: “On the Edge of Union” came out of this poem. This painting evokes the intertwining of opposite poles, which sustained by Love, leads to blissful flowing with The Divine. On the painting, the opposite poles are expressed through the feminine and masculine principles: the left side of the piece symbolizes the feminine principle nurturing its sacred activities, the right side symbolizes the masculine principle’s conscious protection of the feminine’s sacred work that serves to sublimate life. The pull to such fusion manifests on all levels of existence, within the individual, without, in Nature and the Cosmos… Our potential for Harmony with the purest Reality lies in understanding the purpose of our polar opposites, without the repression of any of them for each has a specific role that enhances and gathers the other which eventually leads to Wholeness, to alignment with our Essence. Throughout history, the enlightened selfless souls who conveyed the divine Message to mankind existed “on the edge of Union”, they encouraged us to cultivate our innate full potential. Once mankind learns anew to transcend materialism and to revere and balance out the activities of their opposite poles, the world will reflect more harmony, compassion, unity and peace inshAllah.

~ On the Edge of Union ~

The Universe totters in the palm
of Love in circle and laughter,

rocking between worlds
the saint’s heart mirrors

as he burns with the desire
to walk off the Earth to step

into the Invisible, soul naked
and wild he exists on the edge

of Union, mingling with Ruh (as)
and its friends in chorus:

“We are in Love for the sake of
The One whose Majesty beautifies us!

We can’t take any more of this, someone,
anybody, please borrow our mouths…”

copyright 2008 Aïda Touré.