Description: “Sama” is encompassed by the notion of Sound that propels the soul toward The Beloved. This piece represents the innermost fulfillment of Longing, it also demonstrates the cosmic whirling we all participate to, consciously or not, it is in our nature to revolve. One of the most beautiful visions of Surrender is the whirling dervishes who are mirrors of the spheres and divine praising. The poem that conveyed “Sama” visuals can be found here.

~ Sama ~

Chords, loves and signs
there is some sound
in the soul’s eye

silent yet loud
blue tambourines then
floating red harps now;

all as one, circularly
enchanted as the globes’ Zikr
our prophets (as) repeated.

Hands and lips smacked
by Tenderness itself,
we play invisible violins

and cosmic Neys
by the lovers’ ear
and lo! they sob of all

their emotions’ grace,
following the course
of longing and depth,

they shed themselves
to wear the subtle Cloth;
cloaked in its glow,

they dance and chant
in the language Djibril (as)
taught the saints (as).

© 2007 Aida Toure.