(14″x11″ acrylic on canvas panel)
Description: when inflamed with divine love. “Inflamed” the poem can be read below. This piece was my very first acrylic painting on canvas panel so it is dear to me. Once one has known the inflamed presence of Love, it’s impossible to step away from it in order to sustain mundane standards based on the superficiality of materialism, social status and peripheral desires, the soul refuses to abide by them no matter the seductiveness created around them to make them seem most appealing. Surrender, music, virtue, beauty, compassion, mastery of oneself are truly the gems every soul deserves to be exposed to, there is no appeal in any phenomena deprived of their primordial, pristine harmony. Everything has been tainted and stifled by the domination of the ego on this earth, it will remain so until the heart gets polished anew to shine like a mirror that reflects its light source, and not just for the sake of appearance but for the sake of Love itself, which is unconditional, timeless, ascending~

Year of Creation: 2005

Inflamed ~

Carpets of precious words
intermingle in a song
Dawood’s (as) harp sung,

stroked by the breath of Ruh (as),
strings perfectly loose
to fit the latitude of Love,

their Sound pervades our pulse
lo! we enter unseen worlds,
Zaboor in our hearts,

continuously we fall
from the divine lips
as “Kun” is revealed,

we lean on the prophets (as),
our cheeks against theirs,
now Injeel’s pages flutter by

and then the Qur’an’s follow,
each, clothed with
the Light of Ramadan;

look, the Sun is up in
the middle of the night,
Who can take more of this?!

The galaxy slips in our chest,
lo! We expand, mouths full
of our own dancing souls:

“we are inflamed with you,
O Beloved, our whirling atoms
on the edge of not-being,

now we shed our form:
Reality upon Reality,
Heaven tastes like this!”

© 2006-2007 Aïda Touré

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