Kaniaga Bliss

Medium & size: 22″ x 28″ oil & acrylic on canvas.

Description: “Kaniaga Bliss” imposed its colors from the start. I deeply enjoyed working on this painting that took me on a nostalgic yet ecstatic journey. I worked on it in four phases, I laid the different layers and then applied the details and let them dictate their own movements. The lady depicted on this piece is a metaphor for the soul of Kaniaga. “Kaniaga” is in Mali, it is the birthplace of Sufi saint Fodé Sahnoune Touré, my great grand father.

Kaniaga Bliss ~

Kaniaga, we have loved you
from the moment we were born,
you are the membrane
of our soul;
the orange cloak
you wear is our glow,
you are wrapped around us
always, even from afar!
Kaniaga my love, my Dad’s light,
we still whirl with the Night
that offered the healing Tree,
still growing from the heart
of the Heart itself.
Al hamdulillah!
Now your very Scent
draws near,
O, I must end this here!

(c) 2008-2010 Aida Touré