Tehuti’s Gems

Description: 18″x24″ oil & acrylic paints on canvas. It was an immense pleasure to work on this painting entitled “Tehuti’s Gems”. This new painting is part of the series “Luminous Dark Matter” which celebrates the attributes of the feminine principle. My intention in developing this series relates to Balance, to Origin and most of all to the divine attribute of Mercy. The title of the piece came from my reverence for Tehuti (as) who, in the Sufi tradition, is one of the ancients who transmitted Wisdom, Spirituality, the Arts, the Word from the Divine Reality to mankind. Below is the poem that goes with the painting.

~ Tehuti’s Gems ~

After millenniums of revelations,
manifest through the Sun and
its human forms sent to nations,
we have come again for Love,
guided by the cosmic drums
that pulsate with the heart,
we embrace the collective self,
tending to its effulgence,
with all our tenderness,
we unravel in your consciousness;
our presence is timeless,
we are Tehuti’s Gems.

© 2011 Aïda Touré