Night of Beauties

“It is He who doth take your souls by night.” 6:60 ~Quran
“He makes the night for rest and tranquillity.” 6:96 ~Quran
“The Sign of the night have We obscured.” 17:12 ~Quran

Description: 24″x18″ oil and acrylic on canvas. I started to work on “Night of Beauties” a few weeks ago, this painting was inspired by my fascination with Nighttime and all that its majesty can reveal to the heart in peace and stillness. I wanted to allow this piece to evolve from start to finish at Nighttime so it could capture the energy relevant to the theme during this whole creative process. “Night of Beauties” evokes many realities: the envelope of all mysteries, the bed of rest for the soul, the time to blossom in prayer for the saint, the moment where the veil of artifices lifts to show the one true Reality. “Night of Beauties” also evokes the sacred moment when the soul gushed from the divine Spirit to embrace the human experience. This painting has a definite mystical symbolic which makes it unique and close to my heart.

Night of Beauties ~

The tenderness of your Presence
has led to this bliss,
glow wrapped in the Glow
we near the Unknown,
knelt down,
one with the freedom
humility offers
the one who’s pure.
my indigo heart
is stilled by
this Night of Beauties,
let us ornament ourselves
with the sumptuous Namelessness
sages spoke of,
let Love silence us,
let it adorn our pulse!

© 2011 Aïda Touré