Description: 18″x14″ acrylic on canvas panel. This painting represents the quintessential Africa, from ancient times until now. It’s a celebration of the Motherland’s monumental contributions to civilization that have deliberately been omitted from history books. This piece defeats the label of “dark continent” given to Africa, a continent whose spiritual and material resources continue to […]

Description: 24″x20″ acrylic on canvas. This piece symbolizes the establishment of Harmony and its triumph over the ills exclusion can cause in communities of men. Terre d’Espoir, a non-profit organization located in Gabon commissioned this painting. Read below the poem incorporated in the painting. ~ Generosity For Our Orphans ~ In every child a land of

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La Note Orange

Description: One night I was sitting and my eyes rested on my beige guitar and all of the sudden I saw it painted with interesting patterns so I gathered my brushes and paint tubes and I started working on it right away… I entitled the piece “La Note Orange”. Year of Creation: 2006

(SOLD) Description: This painting is a celebration of the prostration, with all the universes that unfold during this prayer position where the lover is closest to The Beloved. This piece has elements I had been longing to express for the longest time so it was a true celebration of the joy of Salat (prayer). The

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Description: 36″x24″ acrylic on canvas. “Guiaalala” means “the light” in Gisir, my maternal dialect. This piece is about the flamboyant dance that pervades our being as we mingle with the wild things Light does. It’s a celebration of our bewilderment with The Beloved. The poem I incorporated in the painting was written in French, for

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(14″ x 18″ acrylic on canvas panel) Description: This painting symbolizes the dissolution of the ego with the inner ambrosia that follows… the poem that inspired it can be read here Year of Creation: 2005     ~ Honey-Existence ~ In the presence of the Friend, be quiet. Should you know of His eloquence, assume a death:

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(14″ x 18″ acrylic on canvas panel) Description: The “Inner Palace” is the space which unfolds after we have conquered our ego and all its turbulence. It is the hidden palace where only the Divine Presence reigns to guide us toward the accomplishment of our appointed, individual tasks in this life… read more

Description: 18″x24″ acrylic on canvas panel. “Zuhrtime Beads” represents the inner spectacle that can occur when one practices the ritual of Surrender, Zikr and praising of The Divine which all stir the soul to some ecstatic dance we can’t fathom … The whirling energy of this painting captures our harmony with the spheres and the

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