Pearly Tears

8′ x 18″ acrylic on canvas

Description: This painting evokes the soul’s nostalgia for The Divine as it journeys in a chaotic world. The poem incorporated in this piece is below.

~ Pearly Tears ~

Your scent lingers
with each curve

tracing the Universe.
Reduced to physicality,

the soul wanders beauties
for the sake of Love

until it beholds
your face again,

between each space,
there are insane lovers

whose vocabulary flirts
with the light scattered

like pearls to adorn
your precious hiddenness.

© 2007 Aida Toure.

Description: 22″x28″ acrylic on canvas. “Upon the Spheres’ Lips” relates to the spiritual Proximity the soul journeys through when we allow it to evolve in Surrender. Here, the movements of the Spheres are considered as the ultimate reflection of Surrender/Islam; therefore striving to mirror their harmony with the Divine Law introduces the human soul to great beauty. This painting took form from this poem below of the same title. I immensely enjoyed painting this piece, its language energy was motherly and gentle. I must say that it is one of my favorite pieces!

~ Upon the Spheres’ Lips ~

I am at my best
when I lay at your feet,
rolling and rolling within
in the way no one sees
but you.

Lost in this state,
language makes no sense
and the soul’s nakedness
glides by to deepen us
at the thought of staying
right there,
of all our being,
below you.

Then a voice says:
this is love knocking
from inside, open up
and stay wide open until
the prophets (as) walk
by, ecstatically chanting
la ilaha illa Allah!

At this, joyful sobbs
inundate the atmosphere
and I become a kiss
laid upon the Spheres’ lips.

© 2007 Aida Toure.

Description: 18″x14″ acrylic on canvas panel. This painting represents the quintessential Africa, from ancient times until now. It’s a celebration of the Motherland’s monumental contributions to civilization that have deliberately been omitted from history books. This piece defeats the label of “dark continent” given to Africa, a continent whose spiritual and material resources continue to support the prosperity of western societies around the globe. “Africa: the Luminous, the Coveted” symbolizes the uncelebrated evolutionary flux that has molded the spiritual, mathematical, artistic, scientific genius for centuries and that has spread all over the planet.

Description: 24″x20″ acrylic on canvas. This piece symbolizes the establishment of Harmony and its triumph over the ills exclusion can cause in communities of men. Terre d’Espoir, a non-profit organization located in Gabon commissioned this painting. Read below the poem incorporated in the painting.

~ Generosity For Our Orphans ~

In every child
a land of hope,
ascending, vast
and in harmony
with the divine
waltz which governs
our lives.

O humankind!
Let us cherish children
for they are ourselves
in some octave of
to The Omniscient.

© 2007 Aida Toure

La Note Orange

Description: One night I was sitting and my eyes rested on my beige guitar and all of the sudden I saw it painted with interesting patterns so I gathered my brushes and paint tubes and I started working on it right away… I entitled the piece “La Note Orange”.
Year of Creation: 2006

The Prostrated


Description: This painting is a celebration of the prostration, with all the universes that unfold during this prayer position where the lover is closest to The Beloved. This piece has elements I had been longing to express for the longest time so it was a true celebration of the joy of Salat (prayer). The prostration position in Islamic prayer is one of the most moving experience the soul can journey through. Even though to many it may be considered as just a physical position, prostration is the moment when we are closest to Allah (swt), we shed our ego and the grace unfolds… During his prayers alone, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to stay in prostration for a long time and he would often shed tears. Year of Creation: 2006

~ The Prostrated ~

Paint brush and pen in hand,
you wander the rug of gravity,
silenced by the Speech,
heart is the only canvas
upon which reality unfolds,
the visible phase of it
is but a remnant of these
marvels the soul beholds.
See, the lover matters not,
let the Veil be lifted;
it is that divine show
that all secretly want!
Whether the lover
is unknown or renown,
why does it matter?
Do not focus on the one
who is lost in sacred intoxication,
look beyond his helpless form;
seek the object of his love,
the Cause of his prostration
and move your lips like angels
do during Fajr prayer,
draw closer to the Light
of all that exists and say:
Al hamdulillah ir Rabil Alamin!

© 2009 Aïda Touré. |

Description: 36″x24″ acrylic on canvas. “Guiaalala” means “the light” in Gisir, my maternal dialect. This piece is about the flamboyant dance that pervades our being as we mingle with the wild things Light does. It’s a celebration of our bewilderment with The Beloved. The poem I incorporated in the painting was written in French, for its English translation, please see below . It took me three months to complete this painting. Year of Creation: 2006.

Guiaalala (the light) ~

She observes the spectacle
of your magnitude,

Humbled by appearance’s
insignificance, her reign

mingles with the Presence
that wants her.

In her, a luminous Voice:
“Come back to Union!”

And in seven dimensions
this lover evolves toward us.

O! Divine, O! Beloved,
Annihilate this ego

Which wounds femininity
and her latitude; between

being and not-being,
She wanders you.

© 2007 Aïda Touré

~ Guiaalala (La Lumière/The Light) ~

Elle observe le spectacle
de ta magnitude,
humiliée par l’insignifiance
du paraitre,
son règne s’assimile
à la présence qui la veut
en elle une voix lumineuse:
“revenez à l’Union!”
et dans sept dimensions,
cette amoureuse se chemine
vers nous…
O! Divin, O! Bien-Aimé,
anéantissez cet égo
qui meurtrit la fémininité
et sa latitude,
entre être et non-être,
elle Vous parcourt!

© 2007 Aïda Touré

(14″ x 18″ acrylic on canvas panel)
Description: This painting symbolizes the dissolution of the ego with the inner ambrosia that follows… the poem that inspired it can be read here
Year of Creation: 2005



Honey-Existence ~

In the presence
of the Friend,
be quiet.

Should you know
of His eloquence,
assume a death:

the one which has
countless resurrections,
you know, the sunlit one!

Those who deeply are
in Love do that, they
open the seven windows

inside their being and in
the waiting, they die, silently
till the mystic wind begins

to circulate, lo! They bask
in the exquisite exchange,
it rocks them like the Word

rocks the heavenly stars;
in that sacredness,
their souls exude a cry

“al hamdulillah!
We are sanctified.”

Then some passers-by
intrigued by the joyful sobs
approach, to inquire about

the cause of that high
and the lovers ever-kind,
whisper through the ether,

“become complete now
before the Friend,
Separate not your will
from His. Surrender as
if you don’t mind being
killed by a softness,
by a wandering tenderness,
this way, you shall know
the same honey-existence.”

(from Nocturnal Light)

2007 copyrights Aida Toure

Inner Palace

(14″ x 18″ acrylic on canvas panel)
Description: The “Inner Palace” is the space which unfolds after we have conquered our ego and all its turbulence. It is the hidden palace where only the Divine Presence reigns to guide us toward the accomplishment of our appointed, individual tasks in this life… read more

© Toure

(14″ x 18″ acrylic on canvas panel)
This piece was inspired by the Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) Miraj or Ascension, the nightly journey through which he met the other prophets’ (as) of God and prayed with them. This painting is also one of my favorite because it opens up to the Messengers’ (as) oneness.
Year of Creation: 2005

~The Prophets’ Gathering~

The breath of Allah (swt) in you,
your heart swells with Love,
whirling in seven directions
to attune its own chords
to the cosmic flute-playing
Ruh (as) echoes through
everything like this:
“Welcome to ourselves!
This is the sign of the Return!”
I, broken loose to those words,
gesture in orange-silver like
the night sky that witnesses
the nocturnal gatherings
of prophets (as) and saints.
After this, no more station of being…

© 2006 Aïda Touré