Martyred Children Lament

Description: this 14″x18″ piece protests the atrocities of ritual crimes and cruelty of adults who commit and condone these heinous murders. This painting is dedicated to the memory of the children who have been mutilated and martyred in Gabon.
Year of Creation: 2005.

~ Martyred Children Lament ~

Child, O child,
you are a gift
from the Divine!

They coveted your light
with their ambition
for obscure ascension.

Atrociously, they preyed
on you: there is no power
to gain in such sacrifice,

One who unjustly takes a life
kills all of humankind.
Child, O child,

now bodiless, weightless,
you circle around
the sublime Throne;

soul singing His praises
as Djibreel wipes
your tears away.

© 2007 Aïda Touré

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