(12″ x 16″ acrylic on canvas panel)
Description: This painting started from the poem ” Paradise is here, now!”
Year of Creation: 2005

~ Paradise is … ~

Paradise is here, now!
We take walks in it
constantly mingling

with the Presence
that pours Its light
in our secret lamps

to extinguish the self
of its dire poverty:
we are those lit receptacles

Ruh imparts luminescence to.
This love-transfusion
pulls us to the Garden,

singing in our veins
with the spheres,
“Paradise is here, now!”

Bewildered, we throw
ourselves to the ground,
rolling by turn in laughter

like children,
we kiss that divine wildness
that began when Allah said

“And know that
you are to meet Me.”

(from Nocturnal Light)

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